Born in Lund in 1947. Lives and has his workshop in Östra Ljungby. Blacksmith and artist. Education: Artistic blacksmith at a number of different smithys. Has worked as a teacher of blacksmithing for The Folk University of Sweden at the Sofiero Handicraft Centre since 1992, teatcher of aesthetic metalwork in Jakobs School in Hässleholm since 2001.


Separate exhibitions in, amongst other places, Hilleröd Denmark 1999, the state gallery Kierat in Stettin in Polen 2001, Jukkasjärvi Ice Gallery and SolLång Gallery in Vejbystrand in 2002.


A large number of exhibitions, beginning in Gisslövs Museum of blacksmithing in Denmark 1997 and Liljevalchs in Stockholm 1998. Thereafter together with Region Skåne in a number of different towns in Polen 2000 and more recently in the Landskrona Museum in 2002 and The Country Council Offices in Kristianstad also in 2002.


Decoration of Allerums Church in 1998, The Ice Church in Jukkasjärvi in 2002 and the Össjö School in Ängelholm in 2004. Klippan kommun


Member of Nordvästra Skånes Art Associatione since 2003.


Workshop Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi