Quote from the book "Konstrunda i ord och bild" written by Helmer Lång.


"Old handicraft traditions lie close to Lars Pettersson's heart; he has the art of the blacksmith in his blood. He served his apprenticeship at uncle's forge shop in Uppåkra and then spent the whole of his youth in a variety of different workshops. He has honoured the traditions learnt during his apprenticeship while creating his own individual style and sculptures.


Lars Petterson believes, in common with all smiths who work with iron, that welding is an abomination ! Iron should be hammered into shape after being heated in a forge !

After moving to Östra Ljungby in 1974, Lars has devoted his time since then to working with artistic blacksmithing and also to handing on his knowledge and skills to the younger generation through a variety of courses held at his own smithy


His breakthrough as an artist came in 1997 by way of a number of exhibitions in Denmark. He has gained significant attention in Poland, where his work has been exhibited at the Blacksmith museum in Nowy Tornys’l. The artist has created techniques and designs of his own, illustrated through his complex and imaginative sculptural creations."